Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sunday morning I was pushing Story on the swing at church. She was having a great time and saying "Wee!" every time I gave her a push. Then she was quiet for a moment and said, "Mom, what does 'wee' mean?" I chuckled and said "It means, 'Yay! We're having fun!'. After that, she threw out 'wee' and just started singing "Yay! We're having fun!" Silly (but oh so thoughtful!) girl.

It's been great to spend some quality time with Story while Jed & Riley are away visiting their Mimi & Poppa for the week. She's definitely loving the attention!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Awww Nuts!

Today Jed and I were shopping at Target when he told me that his friend "kicked him in the nuts." Much to my chagrin, he has learned this from neighborhood kids and has been talking about "kicking people (or the Devil) in the nuts" a good bit lately. There in the middle of the Target food area while we ate our lunch (I LOVE a good soft pretzel with cheese sauce....hmmmm...) I thought to ask him if he knew what "the nuts" were.

Jed: "Yeah, it means booty or bottom!"
Me: "No, Jed. It means p***s,"
Jed: (Shocked and very embarrassed.) "Mooooom....Shhhhh!"
Me: "If I hear you talking about kicking anyone in the nuts again I'm going to ask you very loudly if you are talking about your p***s. "
Jed: "Mooooooom. SHHH!"
Me: "Just don't say it again, ok?"
Jed: "Ok."
As we were walking thru the store after finishing off our lunch, Jed was being silly. Without thinking anything of it, I said, "Jed, you're nuts!" Complete shock once again. "No bud, that just means you're crazy." "Oh, ok." Big smile. Great kid.