Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Beach

I love the beach. And I love my husband who watched all three kids for 4 days so that I could go to the beach. I never imagined that Drew would be up for such a task. It's not an easy task. But he did a great job! He blessed me with much needed and appreciated rest (and fun too of course) and our kids really got to spend some great (quantity and quality) time with dad. Thank you, Drew! You are an incredible husband!

I never understood why parents feel guilty going and doing things for themselves without their kids. Now I think I understand. At least in part. If I was going to do nothing but shop then I would have had no guilt. If I was just going to eat out, then I'd feel no guilt. However, I was going to play in the sand & waves and swim at the pool for hours on end. I was doing something that they would have absolutely LOVED to do. Watching the other kids play brought out two thoughts completely at odds with one another:

"It is so nice to just lay here and not have to chase my kids around."
"I so wish my kids were here."

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