Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Divine Irony

What we thought was going to be our last baby, has in fact, turned out to be BABIES! That's right! Two of them! We're having TWINS! A boy and a girl.I had a nagging feeling the whole pregnancy thus far that I was having twins. I had only mentioned it a few times even to Drew (because, well, I HATE to be wrong or thought crazy). But, even when he'd say "Hi baby" to my belly, I would correct him in my head and say "Hi Babies". I had even imagined what I would say to my family if I was having twins! I had finally convinced myself that it was not twins and I was just being silly.

However, at the ultrasound as soon as she put the thing on my stomach she just burst out "Shut Up!! There's two in there!" Drew asked her if she was kidding. She just said, "I don't joke about twins!!"

So we have two totally healthy babies. My cervix is a little short (?) for carrying twins so it looks like I should definitely expect bedrest at some point. And of course, changing docs now is going to be a bit more stressful too!

We are truly excited and know that this is a blessing from God. The Bible says that "Children are a gift from God" and we have seen him provide in amazing ways with the addition of each child to our family. I am anxiously awaiting to see how God handles these two! But in no way are we delirious enough to think that this is going to be any kind of easy.

So, just to put it all in perspective....I'll have 5 kids under the age of five.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Life is Crazy

So our house is under contract (for the THIRD time), we've decided against looking for houses right now and will be living in Student Housing on campus as SWBTS. More precisely, we'll be squeezing into a 2 bedroom townhouse for a while! We're staying with family in Arlington until we can move into our housing, hopefully near the end of April. Aunt Patti & Uncle Lee have been so incredibly generous to let us stay here. It's really like inviting a Tornado to stay for a couple of months!

I'm about 20 weeks along in my 4th pregnancy. Drew felt the baby move last week - which seems really early. I've got a Dr. apt scheduled for the 7th of April. We'll have an ultrasound then. I'm pretty anxious for that!

Drew just turned in 2 big papers yesterday and we haven't seen a lot of him the past week.
We're all so glad that he's done with those for now. And he's done a great job in his classes so far.

Riley & Story have colds in their chests again. But no fever or lethargy...just lots of coughing. Story must be teething. It's been probably a good 6 mo. since she's gotten any new teeth and has only 4 right now. She's been a good bit more fussy and is becoming a really picky eater. She talks and sings like crazy although most of it is totally unclear. It seriously sounds like she talks in paragraphs. She understands so much and sings right on tune.

Jed is learning about how to handle his anger. Currently, he wants to do destructive things when he doesn't get his way. But he's also a great caretaker of his little sisters and loves to remind me (and others) that he loves them. He's also really gotten into imaginative play.

Riley is completely potty trained now. I just told her that if she peed in her panties that she couldn't have juice. That was an amazing incentive for her. Now if we could just get her to keep her clothes on. Last night at Chick-fil-a she just dropped her pants in the play area. She just didn't want to wear them. And the other night at dinner out she spilled a little on her shirt, and before we knew it she was topless! (Of course, none of that tops her complete moon over the entire Chick-fil-a restaurant from the top of the glassed in play area a few months ago! I had to climb up to the top and pull her pants up...then make the walk of shame thru the restaurant back to the bathrooms. )

The kids love going to visit dad at 'college'. We go up to his work and Jed thinks that all of his co-workers are his 'teachers'. So today we're headed up there and the kids will go see Drew's classrooms & maybe meet a professor or two. Drew's office is great about us invading from time to time.

I'm currently reading Vintage Jesus by Marc Driscoll. I'm 2 chapters in and so far it's a great book. I also really enjoy listening to his sermons online. I find that I really resonate with what he says and how he says it. He's so far from PC but has a passion for truth. (Just don't ask him if your butt looks big in those jeans...) He has a great sermon on Birth Control that I listened to a while back.

So that's just a little bit of what's been going on with us. Life has been pretty crazy and I'm not really sure when things might settle down. With a baby on the way, probably not any time soon!