Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doc & Family Update

We had our ultrasound and appointment with the perinatologist today. It was such a relief to find out that the babies were both doing great.
  • Both babies measured at exactly 4 lbs each - both measured tall (surprise!) with smaller abdomens, but that's not really a concern.
  • The amniotic fluids measured good for both babies.
  • Definitely one boy & one girl. (I still get nervous about that from time to time so I'm glad to have it confirmed!)
  • Had the Fetal Fibronectin Test done - gives an indication of whether labor is likely to occur in the next 2 weeks. Should have the results some time this morning.
  • We got to see both of the babies faces on a 3-d ultrasound at the end of our visit. Unfortunately, they are so smooshed in there and cords were everywhere that you couldn't see much.
  • I'm a good candidate to deliver both without a c-section as both babies are head down and ready to go. Boy will be born first and the girl second.
  • Have to stay on bed rest until at least 34 weeks and then after that point I can get up a little more b/c the risks for the babies born after 34 weeks are so much less.
  • 34 weeks is only 10 days away!
Thanks to those who are checking in on us and have been praying for these babies to be born healthy. I saw a family at Chick-fil-a the other day with teeny-tiny newborn twins. It got me really excited to think that we're going to have two tiny ones ourselves.

Ways you can pray for our family:
  • Drew is taking on so much of the burden with our kids and the house. He is an incredible father & husband. Please join us in praying that God would continue to give him strength and patience in all that he has had to take on.
  • Jed & Riley are both really excited to have new babies in the family as well. Please pray that the birth of the twins brings out their desire to be helpful and obedient.
  • Story, of course, is oblivious to the fact that her world is about to be rocked! She is such a little mommy's girl. Please pray for her as she will have to share mom a LOT more now. Hopefully, my bed rest will help prepare her for a little less mom.
  • I struggle to do nothing. Bed rest is both welcomed and crazy hard. Normally I get on to myself when I sit and do nothing. Now that's what I'm supposed to be doing. Pray that I can see the long-term benefits of staying off my feet over the short-term needs I struggle to 'ignore'.
  • Please be praying that the twins are happy, content, healthy babies.

First comes the ring, then comes marriage....

Yesterday we all spent about an hour outside. (Drew chased kids while I just sat there and talked to friends, b/c I'm officially on bedrest!)

Jed was riding his bike when his friend Addie stepped outside. She walked over to Jed and said "Jed, I'm gonna marry you!" At first Jed just said "Whaat?" So she repeated herself. At that point Jed shyly said "Nooooo" and seemed a little embarrassed. Then as he rode away he said "I can't buy you a ring all by myself!"

Thankfully he doesn't yet get an allowance or he might start saving!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dr. Update - Finally

**Slightly Edited**

So I haven't been able to go to the doctor for the past two months. My last visit I found out that I was having twins and haven't been back since. There was a mess with getting insurance and finding a doc who would accept me so far along...then throw twins in there and it got even worse. (Thank you, thank you to those who prayed for me during that incredibly frustrating time!) Anyways, now I have a great doc w/ great nurses at a really nice facility and everything is good! Today was my first visit there so it was a pretty long one. Well, the update includes the following:
  • Currently 30 weeks & 4 days.
  • Heard two strong heartbeats.
  • Measuring at 36 cm fundal height (for a single baby it would be about 30-31....should be about 4 more than that for twins....)
  • Dilated to 3 cm but cervix is still thick and high.
  • I've gained about 15 lbs from my prepregnancy weight, and 23 lbs when you consider that I dropped about 8 lbs in my first trimester from being so sick. (Average weight gain for twins is 35-45 lbs.)
  • Setting up an appt with a specialist to have an ultrasound next week to do some further checking on things such as growth of babies, amniotic fluid, etc.
  • Got steroid shots to aid in babies lung development since they'll most likely be coming early.
  • Babies probably weigh about 3 1/2 lbs each.
  • Need to be taking it way easy to keep from being hospitalized for the remainder of the pregancy.
  • 36 weeks is full term for twins. That means I only have about 5 weeks left....assuming they make it that long!