Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Knock, knock...

This past week has taken a lot out of me...I have been so tired and last night my belly hurt like CRAZY! Last night I went to bed by 9pm. This is so out of character for me that I actually had people thinking I was mad at them...but nope, just tired and sore.

It seems like every 2 years or so God really likes to shake things up for us. We got married at the end of 2000 and moved to AR in early 2001 with no jobs. Little scary, but things worked out great pretty quickly. Then in 2003 we felt it was time to leave Fellowship and pursue working with the Grove. Things didn't go exactly like we expected and to make things harder, we now had a baby on the way. Drew had to find hours outside of the 15 he worked at the Grove - he ended up working way too much making way too little at a coffee shop. But thankfully, before Jed was born in Jan. 2004, Drew got 30 hrs at the Grove and we decided that I'd go back to working part time and he'd be a stay at home dad 2 days a week. All was running somewhat smoothly, when out of nowhere, God calls us to this. To leave everything behind and start a church in Lafayette. Of course, we now have a second child on the way and the income probabilities we were counting on have not been what we expected. And so we're back to the drawing board. It's very difficult to find a job that's not with a church when all your resume' says 'CHURCH' all over it. Employers have trouble seeing how experience working in a church can crossover to their business.

All of that is to say that we've been praying like crazy for a job for Drew. I keep thinking about a story that Jesus tells re: prayer - it's about a neighbor who wouldn't stop knocking on the door in the middle of the night to get something that he needed. The man eventually got up and gave the neighbor what he was asking for just to get him to go away. So I have become the neighbor... I hate to think that I might be bugging the crap out of God, but isn't that what he was telling us to do? And it's probably more that he wants me to spend the time with him. And I'm sure God would love for you to spend the time with him please - join us in our knocking. We're asking for a job that will meet our financial needs and also allow for Drew to do the things he needs to do for Vox and, of course, for our family. It's going to be a big adjustment when #2 enters the world...and very, very hard if Drew is having to work an insane amount of hours. I know that God knows all of this better than I do, and I realize that he might want things to be hard...but I'm praying that he doesn't!