Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Skinny at 35 Weeks

OK, so really it's anything but skinny....but a girl can dream can't she?

Tuesday's appt w/ the obgyn:
  • Gained 2 lbs since last week.
  • Fundal height 40 cm.
  • She didn't want to talk about inducing yet b/c she is concerned about lung development.

Today's appt w/ the perinatologist:
  • Fluids are good.
  • Girl is measuring to be 5 lbs 14 oz - the 69th percentile for a singleton birth.
  • Boy is measuring at 6 lb 6 oz - the 85th percentile for a singleton birth.

In other words, they are both pretty big babies for their gestational age. I'm pretty surprised b/c 3 weeks ago they both weighed in at 4 lbs each. He is obviously gaining faster than she is. The perinatologist said she was going to let my obgyn know that she thought I needed to deliver within the next week or so. My doc was not interested in inducing yet at Tuesdays visit, so I'd love it if I got a call from her office tomorrow saying that they want to schedule an induction.

I don't know if it's psychosomatic (knowing that I'm carrying over 12 lbs of baby) or what, but I'm so much more uncomfortable since my visit today. Every step is a major pain in the pelvic region, even more than this morning! Perhaps it's from sitting on that exam table for over an hour....

Please be praying for the following:
  • That I am able to deliver without a c-section. Life is crazy enough without having to throw in recouping from major abdominal surgery.
  • That nursing goes well with both babies.
  • That neither baby needs the NICU & both get to come home with us when I head home.


Blogger Jessica said...

Wow! That is awesome that the babies are gaining so well!! We'll be praying for the things you've requested and looking forward to hearing news of an arrival. :)

7/18/2008 8:22 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Yay Kristy and I can't believe they grew so fast!!!! Will be praying for natural births and no NICU....are you off of bedrest?

7/18/2008 9:09 AM  
Blogger Scatterd said...

More prayers for no c-section, or NICU!!

7/20/2008 7:23 PM  

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