Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am finally understanding what mom's have lamented to me for 5 years now. It goes by so fast.

I know. I know. My oldest is only five and my youngest are 6 mo. I just feel like the sand is slipping thru my fingers and I can't stop the hourglass from pouring it out. I want to remember every detail about every grain...but I can't. Tonight as I tucked kids into bed I started to tell them about what they were like when they were babies. Riley, in true Riley fashion, was not content with just a few pieces of information. She wanted the amplified version. She kept wanting more and more and I just couldn't think of enough to satisfy her...or myself.

So I have a new resolve to find my camcorder charger and document more about this amazing life that God has blessed me with. Having a large family and kids so close in age forces me to live so fully in the present that it's hard to find time to even remember the past. I'd better start writing today down, today - before it fades away.