Sunday, October 26, 2008

Double Trouble

Might be double the trouble but it's also double the smiles and double the cute!

And don't forget....double the kisses!

Beautiful Mess

I love to let the kids do fun, messy stuff....but I prefer for it to be done outside where God can take care of the clean-up. So we finger painted outside a couple of weeks ago. Several of our friends joined us. I expected the paint to be gone off the sidewalk by now but I guess we just haven't had enough rain. Next time it rains I'll have to send the kids out with a scrub brush. Never too early to teach them about being the Body of Christ!

Artist all the way. In fact, we're considering sending him to a public charter school with a focus on the arts next year for kindergarten.

You can't see it here but Riley chose to "wash her hands" with paint, making them black, and then left her hand prints all over the sidewalk.

I really do feed this girl...but apparently my cooking doesn't taste as good as paint. Or rocks. Or dirt.