Friday, September 29, 2006

Jesus Loves...funny kid stories...

Every night we read 2 books, pray & sing 2 songs with Jed before bed time. Tonight, after reading books, I asked Jed what songs he’d like to sing. His first choice was “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” The whole time that I’m singing the song, I noticed that his eyes were darting back and forth between my face & my shirt. Strange, but whatever. So I finished the song and asked him what song he wanted to sing next.

Jed responded , “Jesus Loves Boobies”.

I just looked at him and said, “What?!”

“Jesus Loves Boobies.” Did he really just say that?

“I’m sorry Jed, but I don’t know that song. Can you sing it?” Maybe I’m not hearing correctly…

“Boobies. Boooooobies!” he begins to sing, with a big fat grin on his face.

Yeah….he was really saying “boobies”. What a boy!