Thursday, May 18, 2006

Black Eye

Well I have my first official black eye. (At least I can't remember ever having a black eye before...) Actually it's a little more green/yellow/purple at this point. Nope. Not from Drew. Definately not from Drew! Instead it was the other man in my life - Jed. Jed has decided that he loves to run at people full force. Well he did that to me the other day while I was sitting on the couch talking to my friend Steph. Obviously I was engrossed in conversation and unaware of the two year old careening towards my face at 40 mph. His forehead hit my cheekbone just below my eye socket. Voila - black eye!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blessings on our Family of Five

Well....the 'us' in The Story of Us just keeps getting bigger. We're having another baby! Due Dec. 4th. So that means I'm about 10 weeks along. We had our first doc visit on Monday & heard the baby's heartbeat. Riley will be about 17 mo. old when this baby comes. Jed & Riley are 17 mo. apart also. (So I guess you can expect #4 right about 17 mo. after #3!)

We were in the throes of deciding what to do about buying a minivan with #3 in the not too distant future & with all being in carseats, we will not fit in our car any longer. We were a little concerned about taking on another car note right now. I guess God thought we shouldn't take on a car note right now either because we are being GIVEN a minivan!! A 2000 Honda - it has over 160,000 miles on it but supposedly runs great. So amazing!!! We are supposed to pick it up tomorrow!

We truly believe that children are a gift from God & that he provides for those gifts. This is just one more page in our story showing that to be true!