Friday, March 31, 2006

Pretty as a Picture

I am so in love with this picture of Riley. The funny thing is that I didn't think that I had gotten any great ones the day I took these. So weeks later, I'm looking thru the photos and I saw it. So good. I love the lighting & the pose & everything.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Thinker

Jed has always been our pensive child. I frequently find him with his hands on his cheeks...

Photo by Amy Copeland - Amy, you captured him so well!

Justa Swingin'

Jed & Riley have developed a love for the swings! Riley actually never had a baby swing - so this is a little new for her...but she absolutely loves it! Jed didn't really like it until Riley was I can't get him to get down.

Photo by Amy Copeland.

Bach Lunch

We've been going to Bach Lunch w/ our Playgroup the last few Fridays. It's been so good to get out and attend free community events. It's a different band every week...we just bring our lunch and hang out w/ friends & do a little dancing. Drew works downtown so he's able to walk over and meet us at his lunch break. It's becoming a great family tradition for us. Can't wait til it's warmer because they turn on the fountains that shoot out of the ground! That will be so much fun!
Photo by Amy Copeland.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Riley Roo

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blue Dog

We've got 2 puppies in our house these days...

Jed's new favorite is Blue's Clues. He gets INCREDIBLY excited when it comes on. He starts dancing and shouting "Boo's Boos!" We've been checking out books & videos from the Library. Last week, when we had to return one, he threw an all out fit. He was so upset!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Riley loves to eat dog food. I move her and she crawls right back to the bowl. I move the bowl and she sits there where the bowl was, looking all around for it. One day I looked over to find her chewing on a bone and Aspen chewing on Riley's Cabbage Patch. Riley should start barking soon.

We, Vox, had our first Sunday downtown. It was incredible!! God had really gone before us to prepare things. We had our make-shift kids area and it looked great - thanks for the help Rebecca & Matt! I was really amazed at how smoothly things went. It felt like when we bought our first house - so 'grown up'. I am so excited about what God's got in store for us!

Jed is learning shapes & colors. It's a lot of fun. His vocabulary is really growing. And he seems to be getting a little more comfortable with Aspen. Honestly, I don't blame him much b/c she loves to bite (while it's not hard, it's still not comfortable).

Aspen is an escape artist. She's been getting out of the fence. Thankfully our neighbors love her and just let her hang out w/ them & their dogs for a while before bringing her back. It's cool b/c getting Aspen has really helped us get to know our neighbors better. By the way, we've rigged the gate so that she can't squeeze thru, but it's not really convenient for us. So hopefully she'll get big enough soon that we can undo it.

Riley is crawling really well and pulling up on everything, walking along the couch. She might walk sooner than I expected. She's also saying Mama & Dada. I'm finding that things w/ Riley are surprising me. With Jed I sat watching in anticipation for the 'milestones'. But w/ Riley I guess I'm just so much more busy that I was shocked to find her standing up at a toy one day.

My brother Nathan recently blogged about alcohol & christianity. It was interesting to see what all his baptist-school-friends had to say. (I don't mean that to be derrogatory, just descriptive.) Nate linked to this website -
and got lots of push back on the subject. Here was my push-back to the original push-back. Any push-back?
The same way that drinking can be a stumbling block (although, usually just for believers), not drinking can be one for unbelievers. We have recently moved to catholic cajun country where drinking is a VERY normal part of life. People need to know that there is freedom in Christ. They need to be told that they are free to drink. But that with that freedom, comes responsibility. People need to see that freedom & responsibilty modeled in Christians, and not just with drinking. That doesn't mean that you have to drink to minister. Although, sometimes that really is needed. Sometimes drinking is about fitting in. If a guy sits down w/ a beer to tell you about his troubled marriage, offers you one and you tell him you don't drink, you have just distanced yourself at a time that he needed someone near. And sometimes drinking is about being different - it's just enough to capture someone's attention, enough to get them to think twice about the God that you serve & the life that you live, and see that God is bigger than some silly legalistic rule on drinking. I'd much rather distance myself from the believers than the tax collectors and prostitutes if it means that they might ultimately see their need for Christ. Believers, on the other hand, have the choice of learning from it (Disciples) or attacking it (Pharisees).